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My name is Abigail Marin and my business office and home are located in Corozal Town in Northern Belize where we are on the Bay and only 9 miles to the border of Mexico and the city of Chetumal. After being schooled in Corozal I studied Hospitality Management in the US where upon graduation I relocated to Cancun Mexico and worked in Public Relations for Royal Resorts. After 12 years my heart brought me back to Corozal to be with family and friends in the town I grew up and love. As a member of the Hospital Auxilary ,which is a non-profit organization assisting our local hospital in various needs, I met Charlotte Lanore(Charlotte’s Casa Belize). Charlotte and I became good friends and neighbors over the past 12 years. Since she has been in the real estate business for a number of years, but recently decided to retire, she has encouraged and mentored me to start my own business. Thus encouraged, I have recently formed and initiated ABI'S CASA BELIZE. Being Belizean myself, many of my friends in the area have asked for my assistance in selling or renting their properties. My inventory is ballooning to where I have offerings of residential waterfront and water-view, various commercial, small and large ranches and farms, hotels and operating businesses as well. We generally represent properties located in Corozal District which includes: Corozal Town, all surrounding villages, Consejo Shores area, north of Four Mile Lagoon and the Corozal Free Zone where there are business opportunities and Casinos for your entertainment pleasures.

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Reverse Mortgage

As a vehicle to finance your property purchase in Belize, you may want to consider a Reverse Mortgage. The following informational web sites can guide you through the possibilities and process of obtaining such a loan.

The base requirements are that you or your spouse must be at least 62 years of age, the home you own and live in must be your principle residence, the residence can be 1 - 4 units.

USA - www.hud.com || www.reverse.org || www.financialfreedom.com

CANADA - www.chip.ca

Foreigner purchasing land in Belize:

A non-Belizean person can purchase to own land in Belize, Freehold. There are no special permits for any foreigner to invest in real estate in Belize.
1. Foreigners (Non-Belizeans) pay 5% of the assessed or sales value of the property as stamp duty or Transfer Tax. This fee is paid to the Government of Belize.
2. Registration fees are very minimal, approximately $30.00 BZ.
3. Lawyer’s Fees for Legal Services to convey the property is approximately 2% of the sales price of the property.
4. Approximate Closing Costs to a Foreigner is 7%.

Property Tax
Property tax is assessed on April 1st of each year. The tax amount is determined by the Lands Department for rural properties and by the Town Board for properties within the town limits.

Official Language
English is the Official Language of Belize. Though in many parts of Belize Spanish is spoken as well as Creole.


Mainly Christian denomination.

Form of Government
Democratic based on Westminster System

Belize dollars with exchange rate of US $1.00 = BZ $2.00

Belize is situated in the most envied part of the Central America, north by Mexico, south and on the west by Guatemala and on the East by the Caribbean Sea. Belize is the only Central American country that is also considered to be a Caribbean Paradise in Central America. Belize is 174 miles long and 68 miles wide.

Major Highways:
Northern Highway – 2 lane, fully paved connects Belize City to the northern regions and Mexico.
Western Highway – 2 lane, fully paved connects Belize to the Western Boundary of Guatemala.
Hummingbird Highway - 2 lane, fully paved connects Northern and Central Belize to Southern Belize.
Costal Highway - Dirt Road connects northern and central Belize to southern Belize.
Southern Highway -is semi paved. Connects northern and central Belize to the southern districts.

Districts of Belize:
Corozal District I- Belize North, Major Town, Corozal Town
Orange Walk District – Belize North with Major town, Orange Walk Town
Belize District – Belize Central with Major City, Belize City
Cayo District – Belize Central with Capital City of Belmopan. Other major towns are Santa Elena, San Ignacio and Benque Viejo Del Carmen.
Stann Creek District – Belize South with Major town of Dangriga
Toledo District – Belize South with major town of Punta Gorda.

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